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Patrónka – New cultural and educational center of Bratislava

proposal for revitalization of the BSK complex (BSK – Bratislava Self-governing Region)

Gerambov Palace in Banská Štiavnica

proposal for the renewal of part of the National cultural monument

Distillery in Solčany

Conversion of a former distillery into a residential house

Martinské hole

ski resort development proposal

Trenčín City Savings Bank

proposal for the restoration of the national cultural monumenty
Saidler & Co., Zurich

Jurkovičova Tepláreň – National Cultural Monument

Proposal for the restoration of the national cultural monument
SKY PARK by Zaha Hadid

Dve Sýpky - Design Center Jarovce

design of a new residential complex and conversion of granaries in Jarovce
ČAS, a.s. / DCJ, spol. s r.o. / DF CREATIVE GROUP, spol. s r.o.

BORY HOME I. and Kindergarten

Design of a new residential complex in Bratislava
BORY, a.s.

Accenture Head Office Bratislava

design and realization of interiors
Accenture, spol. s r.o.

Foxhouse – Líščie Nivy Bratislava

Residential house
Záhradnícka Development, spol. s r.o.

Garden Tower Záhradnícka street Bratislava

Multifunctional house
Thymus, spol. s r.o.

ZSE City Hub Landererova

design of electric charging stations
Západoslovenská energetika, a.s.

Revitalization of the OTC Hlohovec site

proposal for revitalization of the complex and a new industrial hall
Západoslovenská energetika, a.s.

ZSE Center in shopping malls Central, Avion and Bory Mall

design of the company's customer centers
Západoslovenská energetika, a.s.

Center for Biomedical Production and Research CEMBAM Nitra

Design of new premises
Medical Vision, spol. s r.o.

Elektrarna Piestany, old city powerplant

proposal for the restoration of the national cultural monument
Nadácia Západoslovenskej energetiky

Extension and completion of the BSP ZSE lobby in Bratislava, Čulenova 7

Design of anextension to the new lobby
Západoslovenská energetika, a.s.

Meteorite Theater and ZSE Meeting Center

Conversion of a 5 KW substation to a theater and conference center
Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. 

Unigal / SocialInsuranceAgency– Záhradnícka street Bratislava

Reconstruction of an administrative building
THB, spol. s r.o.

Headquarter E:ON Hungaria

Design and realization of interiors of 10,000 square meters
E.ON Hungaria

Chalupkova - Landererova

urban study of a city area
Západoslovenská energetika, a.s./ Penta, a.s./ Ister I./ Ister II./ Hrivis dev./ PFG

E.ON Call Center Nitra

Study, design, and realization a call center
Západoslovenská energetika, a.s.

Residence Moskovská / Strážnická

Multifunctional and apartment house
Katim s.r.o. / Plural Invest s.r.o.

Refinery Gallery

Conversion of industrial premises Slovnaft a.s.
DF CREATIVE GROUP / Slovnaft , a.s.

E.ON Slovakia Complex

Architectural study of the use of land owned by ZSE in Bratislava
Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. 

Design Factory

Conversion of the industrial hall on Bottova 2 street in Bratislava
DF CREATIVE GROUP / Západoslovenská energetika, a.s.